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From Trauma to Recovery: Our Dental Treatment Options

Urgent Dental Care in Raleigh: When Dental Emergencies Strike In times of a broken tooth or accidental tongue injury, immediate attention from an emergency dentist in Raleigh is essential. Our team is equipped to swiftly provide various treatments for dental emergencies. Dr. Paresh Naran and his skilled team are here to address a range of issues, including broken and fractured teeth, tooth pain, swelling, and trauma-related mouth problems.

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Prevent Expensive Dental Repairs with Our Emergency Services

Accessible Emergency Dental Care That Fits Your Budget

Accessible Emergency Dental Care Tailored to Your Budget,Your well-being matters, and we're committed to ensuring you receive the emergency dental care you require without financial stress. We offer flexible payment options and affordable financing plans, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses for our patients. A simple call to provide us with information about your situation is all it takes to kickstart your treatment plan.

Our emergency dental care not only addresses immediate concerns but also helps you avoid costly dental restorations and prevent unnecessary damage to your mouth and jaw. Swift intervention after an accident or injury can preserve your natural teeth and mitigate the risk of extensive dental issues. With our assistance, you can access prompt and cost-effective treatment, minimizing the need for expensive procedures.

Trust Dr. Shilpa Koneru and her skilled team to deliver exceptional care during your emergency visit. Whether it's a root canal, tooth extraction, or replacing missing teeth, we're here to ensure you receive top-quality dental care promptly and affordably. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the level of care you deserve, even in emergency situations. We strive to accommodate same-day appointments whenever possible, with reserved slots in our schedule for your convenience. Please note that after-hours and weekend care is exclusively available for existing patients.