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Surgery Hands Gloves

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Advanced Technology

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Advanced Technology

Elevating Care with Cutting-Edge Dental Technology State-of-the-art dental innovations for exceptional outcomes

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Introducing the ITERO SCANNER

  • Good bye to messy impressions
  • Precise and detailed 3D imaging
  • Visualize and present predictable Invisalign outcomes prior to treatment initiation
  • Consistently delivering pleasant and precise results
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  • Enhanced Imaging for Precision
  • Carestream delivers precise 3D images, offering a clear perspective on nerves, roots, sinuses, and implant treatment planning
  • Quick and painless imaging in under a minute
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  • Superior Quality for Precision Diagnoses
  • Images promptly displayed on-screen, allowing both the doctor and patient to view
  • Digital X-rays emit reduced radiation and expedite your appointment
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  • Gentle Decay Removal Without Drilling
  • Safe and minimizes the requirement for anesthesia
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  • Detailed Imaging of Teeth and Gums
  • Observe images of your mouth's interior from the comfort of the dental chair
  • Facilitates immediate problem identification and resolution
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  • Ideal for Patients Susceptible to Periodontal Disease
  • Chemical treatment targeting bacteria in teeth and gums, complemented by at-home care
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  • FDA-Cleared Laser Therapy for Gum Disease
  • A minimally invasive alternative to conventional gum surgery
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Electric Hand Piece

  • Enhanced Dental Comfort with Reduced Vibrations
  • Electric handpieces provide a quieter and more pleasant experience compared to traditional air-driven handpieces.